An easy-to-use HTTP API of XenAPI for Web Application Developers.

Thanks for choosing XenXenXenSe. This API Docs will help you develop XenAPI-based Applications in no time!

Initial Setup

When you first use your XenXenXenSe, You need to first configure your XenXenXenSe server.

This could be done via configuring config.json.
A Sample config file is available as name config.example.json. Copy it and paste it as config.json.

Multiple Hosts

XenXenXenSe Supports controlling multiple hosts via single XenXenXenSe host!

You can configure multiple hosts at config.json.
Configure your session by copying config.example.json to config.json.

Name of the host is configured in xen_credentials object in the config.json file.

For example,

"xen_clusters": {
  "cluster-name": {
    "host": "http://your-cluster-hostname",
    "username": "im-groot",
    "password": "my-password"
  "cluster-name-2": {
    "host": "http://its-muffin-time",
    "username": "kimino",
    "password": "zenzenzen"

The following will add these two hosts

Cluster ID Host URL Username Password
cluster-name http://your-cluster-hostname im-groot my-password
cluster-name-2 http://its-muffin-time kimino zenzenzen

The Cluster ID will be used for API calls. so make it memorable ones.

API Docs

XenXenXenSe API Version 1